GTT Transport is a company founded in 1932.
With over 80 years’ experience, GTT Transport is:

  • Regular transport to the whole of Europe and daily batch transport to the Benelux, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • A road fleet of 35 vehicles expandable to 350 vehicles via our Van Mieghem Logistics partner, including vans, straight trucks, crane trucks, Mega and City trailers with payloads ranging from 500 to 40.000 kg.
  • Warehousing of 6000 m² suitable for our customers’ needs, expandable to 145.000 m² via our Van Mieghem Logistics partner.
  • A service that is attentive to your transport and logistics needs.
  • An IT department ready to meet all challenges.
  • A Customs department ready to help you with all your paperwork.