Sustainable development

Every day, we take respect of the environment very seriously.

Conscious of the impact of our business has on the environment, GTT Transport has adopted a strategy regarding the standards of the polluting emissions of its vehicles.

For several years now, our company has been following a plan to purchase vehicles which comply with the latest European standards.

This proactive policy has allowed us to anticipate the application of a pollution standard which was only made mandatory in the E.U. in 2009 for all registered vehicles.

Our vehicle fleet is thereby composed of 50% EURO 5 “clean” vehicles and 50% EURO 6 “clean” vehicles.

We have created and established a management, monitoring and improvement system for the fuel consumption of each vehicle of the existing fleet.

In addition, we recycle all non-reusable pallets, the packaging of all our production sites, the used oil and tyres.

When selling our vehicles, our maintenance department recycles the gas concentrated in our vehicles air conditioning systems. 

When purchasing new tyres, we pay particular attention to the noise emission standard and consumption.